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Giving Care Education Center Empathy Class

The ½ day class gives you the power of understanding how an elderly person may feel when they are being cared for. By participating in physical and mental exercises, attendees will become more aware of how those they serve with various health and aging challenges may feel in different situations.

Attendees will have fun and provide better care for the residents/patients after participating in the class.

Some of the activities having the most impact on the students have been:

  • Loss of Depth Perception
  • Wheelchair and walker obstacle course
  • Alzheimer’s experiences
  • COPD breathing experience
  • 5 senses experiences – how smell changes your attitude, touch, taste tests, hearing, visually impaired, etc.

Past Students comments:

The simulations were very realistic. Having a stroke, being 100, having dementia, walking in very uncomfortable shoes, losing my depth perception, Alzheimer's exercise really made me think... This seminar gives you really good insight into what patients go through. You quickly realize how important things are and how quickly they can be gone. The interactive simulations let you physically and emotionally put yourself in the patient's position. By doing the different activities and actually seeing what it felt like gives you really good insight into what the patients go through. I feel like I am able to relate to patients more.

Overall impression of the empathy in the workplace seminar:

  • Excellent. Good simulations made me think.
  • Every health care professional should take your class.
  • Definitely sheds light on what patients experience on a daily basis.
  • It gave me a whole new perspective.
  • Very informative and refreshingly innovative. Very impressive.
  • Extremely helpful to get a feel for what patients are physically going through.

After taking the class the attendees will better understand what it is like to be a resident/patient. Attendees compassion for those they serve will increase, as well as their own appreciation for their current health and age.

For all staff/team members, especially those with direct resident/patient contact

Past attendees that got the most benefit from the class have been HHA's, CNA's, RN's, Med Tech's, and MA's

Total investment per student is only $100. Group prices are available.

Please call 678-831-0830 for your special rate and to schedule your class.

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